Wednesday, June 28, 2023

I'm Overwrought!

It's like I've been locked out of the opportunities that I've always taken for granted. Point A leads to Point B, then Point C; I do nothing but the elementary things that have always worked. Then suddenly, WHAM! Then the results, when results are manifested, are but balls of confusion. You could put your finger horizontally on your lips and blast out a noise and stretch it by wiggling your finger up and down and make more sense. Rationality, are you my old friend from back in the day? Or have you been hijacked and are now at the mercy of unsympathetic hijackers, about to plow your way into an edifice, perhaps a rural silo, meaning to rub it in: This terrible fate laughs, even chortles, then says in that old perfectly structured robotic voice, "No success for you!"

Well, I'm not giving up, you evil heinous polluted spirit of imposed failure, let it be YOU that fail, and upon that realization find your own deadend to your aims. Already I'm thinking the last laugh shall be mine! Usually when I have this sweat-out with seemingly insurmontable odds, I keep thinking, try, try again. It's in there, my normal sense of confidence even when the results start out so poorly. Whether it's riding my bike to the post office and get a stifling headwind, or I'm on assignment from the FBI trying to nab and take in the top 100 Convicts of History, I know the task is big, but not so big it can't be done. Have you noticed we don't hear much from Jesse James anymore?

Anyway, that's both the problem and the solution in the challenges I've been facing. What needs to be done can be done. The bigger they are, the easier they fall. My problems gang up on me, my inner self rebels, albeit temporarily, but in the end the little minions, the rebellious spirits in my mind and outlook, are surmounted, and either granted leniency for minor offenses or are strapped in electric chairs and jolted either into hell eternally or easily forgiven with a slap on the wrist. Forgiveness keeps the electric bill down.

I'm not a bad master of one's self, as is probably clear to you by now. Have you doubted me? Thank you for that hale and hardy "No sir!" It's gracious people like you, whether pushovers or not, that are the true heroes. We depend on you, don't let us down.

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