Saturday, March 18, 2023

DB Kundalini Is Back, Baby

What you mean, Baby's all grown up? The Baby's my blog, and finding out it's "all grown up" apparently means it's had to be "grown up" when I was apparently neglecting it.

Thank you dbkundalini fans, I'll try not to wander far away from my calling here. But the way it happens, you think "I'm going to take a few days off," then you take a few more days off, then a few more, till it's been years. And every good habit you had in the past, such as daily updating, filling in the important information that my readers need, etc., is replaced by the bad habits of neglecting the basic mission. I understand, at least I can pick out the likely threads of truth, but going that far doesn't mean I'm free and clear, innocent. I spent a full three hours today literally kicking my own ass. With the unexpected result that my foot and leg hurt more than my ass. It's either an ass of steel or something to do with the foot and leg. Which I'm thinking has to be this, No one spends an hour or more literally kicking his own ass. That takes more of a toll on the leg and foot than it does the ass! An interesting discovery...

Anyway, I'll let it go at that. Put some ice on my leg and foot, etc., everything will turn out all right. 

Join me, if you will -- your religion doesn't matter -- in a group singing of Kum By Yah. 

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