Thursday, March 23, 2023

From My Internet Bunker

Haven't got time for a fancy graphic to accompany this post. Screw it, I'm desperate. Listen to me. They're doing a real number on the internet, OK? Understand at least what I'm hinting at? They're coming to take me away, my blog, my hopes and dreams, and I don't know precisely how it's all going to turn out. Although I have at least a clue. It's similar to a bug hitting the windshield, it's unceremoniously wiped out, with its final word (not being consciously thought out but more of the onomatopeia-ick variety) "SPLAT!"

Let me introduce myself. No, wait, we haven't got time for that. I'm a victim, and you know what, I heard that victimhood was pleasant, something of the perfect egoic sort that it sees you through life with great meaning. I'm here to tell you, no, that's crap. This feels like crap. Like G--- and the Major Powers have taken over, putting us "little guys" out to pasture, which is not pleasant because it not only feels like crap, because in the pasture, it's actual crap you're subjected to. Chart your steps carefully!

I've already said enough, I know, and The Bastards That Be Will Be out to get me very soon. You know how the garbage guys come by the house and pick up your two bags full? They carefully tuck the bags in the truck. Well, this is different. The big guys crushing the little guy will not be so careful. They know we're behind the eight ball when it comes to torture. A dead Hefty bag has no feelings, at least none that we've been able to measure with various sensors. But a living body has those nasty nerve ends that provokes a hideous response to pain. The Powers That Be are screwing us alive, and it isn't pleasant!

Where was I? Need to look back and see if I can recapture the thread of the argument. (Nodding my head as I read.) OK, I think I see it. They're screwing around with our blogs. Including my old blog, which I just recently thought about reviving. It turns out it was just in time for new rules, new policies, and so forth, and none of it is fun!

So I know there's big CRAP coming down the line. Somehow the major search engines -- is there more than one? -- are acting within their own headquarters, and presumably are in league with any others that likely exist. With the brief conclusion being, little fish like me and littler fish like you are screwed, yes, up one side and down the other, with the center orifices -- one major one come to mind -- being about to be hideously packed with the length, breadth, and the whole solid girth of these sadistic monsters and their overgrown ilk even now standing at attention.

Are we gonna take it? What choice do we have? My recommendation is not to be taken literally. It's make yourself new underpants with 2" by 4" lumber, because these guys are not just naughty, but haughty, You'll see! Hang in there, Grandma!

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