Saturday, December 27, 2008

After Christmas Sale

Christmas definitely loses value fast. I went to a couple of stores the day after Christmas and everything was 50% off. Bargain hunters were picking over the carcass, which surprisingly had an enormous amount of meat left to take. I went to Walmart and they had so much Christmas stuff you'd think they hadn't sold anything up till that time. The Christmas card stock looked like a fresh shipment.

I was at Walgreen's last night and everything was 50% off there too. Then driving by today I noticed it was up to 60% off. The Valentine merchandise was out, which I believe is normal for the day after Christmas. They need to get an early start because it, of course, dies quickly when the time comes. I remember one year getting so much candy the day after Valentine's Day, and still had money left over.

Christmas loses value fast in your mind too. Mine anyway. The day after it's blah. We were listening to Christmas much there hot and heavy, fairly so. But nothing since Christmas day. I got the CD of Brenda Lee's Christmas album this year, maybe two or three weeks ahead of Christmas. It's surprising that you can't get a download of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" at Amazon, and I don't believe they had one at I-Tunes either. I had an MP3 that I got somewhere once but I wanted an official one, a better one. The rest of the album is nothing nearly as good. Brenda's version of Silent Night is as bad a version as any I've ever heard. The phrasing is very much delayed in relation to the music.

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