Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Floundering with a computer about half here

Yes, when it comes to verbs describing me and my activities, there's not one as close to perfection, vis-a-vis ME, as "floundering."

I'd like to tell the whole story, but I think it only comes to me in bits and pieces, here and there. Memory lapses, memory faults, did I already mention that?

Anyway ... Speaking of "anyway," go watch a few YouTube videos of Don Rickles and count how many times Don says "anyway." Virtually continuously. After a joke, "Anyway...." 

What's one of the weirdest things about my computer? It was unused for maybe a year. When I went and opened it, there was something I wasn't expecting. Big black dots on the screen. Like it was ON with some intensity and burnt through the screen. Except no computer of mine has been plugged in for a year and had the capability of burning through the screen. Where would it get the power? Yet it's true, those big screen hogging black dots are part of the problem!

This might help me. How did I get memory loss? Two ways, 1) Old age, 2) Hit my head on a rock, I'll withhold the details.

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