Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flat Stanley

Maybe some of you have heard of Flat Stanley. I think it's Stanley. It's every name, actually.

Kids make a picture of themselves and send it off on adventures, around the town, the state, the world! I saw a wall full of pictures of kids from an elementary school. And it was Flat Jane, Flat Andrew, Flat Cameron, Flat Jennifer, etc.

We'll be featuring at this website, occasionally, Flat Grandma Slump. Watch for Grandma Slump's picture in various places that I happen to travel to. (I don't really range very far from home, so this might take some time. I probably could Photoshop her in at the top of the Eiffel Tower, up on the Empire State Building like King Kong, except my picture of her is of her seated. How to get around that, I don't know. Maybe one way is to cut off her torso and make the bottom of a body like a hinged kneed party hang-up person, easily posed and clever.)

Wherever I go, I'll have to toss in her photo.

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