Thursday, May 22, 2008


Grandma Slump fondly remembers Gladys Frump on Laugh-In in the '60s (1960s), with the dirty old man's lascivious offer, "How about a Walnetto?"

The show was very racy, as she remembers it, but Miss Frump redeemed it, keeping her virtue intact and pointing the way to chaste morality for a generation of girls who otherwise might not have had such a good influence. Gladys once said, "Some nights I put out all the lights and play Robert Goulet records till I could just scream!" That showed great restraint on her part.

As far as the Walnetto, it was a great candy. But it seemed like it wasn't too long, '70s sometime, that it was suddenly gone. It came in a little pack, as we're recalling, that had maybe 10 or so, each wrapped in a wax-looking paper. With a great walnut taste. (Memory is a funny thing.)

Then, without warning, at some point, maybe the late '80s, the Walnetto was back. But not for very long, and this may depend on where you lived and what kind of distribution there was. If I find out it's been around all this time, that means I've been cheated all these years by poor distribution!

Now, bringing us up to date, I happened to be an "old-tyme candy store" the other day, and there was the Walnetto again! Slightly bigger than remembered, and each in a wrapper like the one in the picture. The taste was essentially the same, but they seemed nuttier, pieces of nut. Very good. The price was 15 cents each. Ummmm, good.

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