Monday, June 2, 2008

Exercise Huff Huff

I saw a saying at someone's blog the other day, and I didn't exactly read it, but I think it said, "80% of it is just showing up."

I've been giving that some thought. It comes across to me as true to a certain extent. Like school, work, relationships. Being there is -- I was going to say half the battle -- 80% of the battle. We can quibble about the exact percentages. If you're there, that's key.

I'm applying it to exercise -- which may have been the original context, who knows.

So I have a membership at the fitness club, but I don't make it as often as I should. Common story. But I have something coming up, and I need my legs to be able to carry me 3 miles or more along a road.

So tonight I did my 80%...I showed up. I went to the elliptical and set it for 40 minutes, which is 25 minutes more than usual. And went at it. When I'm going 15 minutes, AND I'm in the mood, I'll try to get a mile in the first 8 minutes. You have to go like crazy to do that. And the first minute is an easier minute. With some diligence I can get .2 miles fairly easily in the first minute. Then I try to keep track of what I need to ... just make it (or make it comfortably) ... 8 minutes.

But tonight I didn't think of that till I was too far along. Since I was thinking to pace myself for 40 minutes. But then it occurred to me that I ought to aim at a mile every 10 minutes. That way I'd get 4 miles. And so forth.

So there I go. And I did it, made it. With the 5 minutes cool down included I actually got 4.51 miles in all, but I was going like crazy the last 50 seconds to try and press it up over 4.5, since I was so close.

Now my legs feel weak, tired, protesting somewhat.

If I can do that everyday -- I go for big goals -- things ought to be great!

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