Thursday, September 22, 2011

Excuse Me, Ma'am

Excuse me, ma'am, I can't help noticing you have a very shapely figure. You must work out, or maybe you just watch your diet. However you do it, it's very attractive. Very attractive, I like it.

I also can't help noticing you're not wearing a ring. I hope you don't mind me saying so, I just notice little details like that. And your fingers are very nice, slender and cute, like they're made for a ring, one of them anyway.

And while we're on the subject, I see that you appear to be absolutely alone, with a nice late model pickup. Would that be yours alone -- it is a pickup -- or is there someone else at home, where you live? I hope not. Where do you live?

I really like the cute little dress you have on. It's a cute little number. Fits you perfectly, like it was made for you, form-fitted. Do you have a whole closet full of them? It'd be cool if you did, I'm just saying. I love the color. It looks great on you.

I'm looking at your shoulder. I don't see any baby burp on the fabric, so I'm assuming there's no grandchildren you're raising. That's a compliment, because if you have any daughters, I think it's great that they're mature enough to be taking care of their own kids and not foisting them off on Grandma. I believe in personal responsibility when it comes to the little rug rats.

I love your eyes, very well set in your head, moving back and forth in a kind of harmony, not unpleasant in any way. And your smile, it's pleasant. You obviously have regularly scheduled cleanings and limit yourself on coffee and cigarettes. Do you smoke, I hope not, since smoking isn't at all sexy, and, well, you obviously don't smoke...

Hey baby, I can't help feeling your eyes all over me. If, as they say, sex is 99% mental, then we've been going at it ever since we laid eyes on each other. Just your walking to your truck had me saying, "Work it! Work it!"

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