Thursday, February 2, 2017

Myra On The Half Shell


Doesn't she look great -- woo hoo! -- Myra Kula Electra? I'm just sitting here staring at the above photo. And it looks like I'm not alone. There's also you, as well as all those other eyes; every eye's on her! That's what it's like when you're classified with the heroes, the beautiful people. You've got a ton of swagger, or in this case, a ton of grace and gracefulness.

I love the whole thing about women and nature, Mother Nature, all that. We men, we also have our moments. Mostly fighting each other, watching out for creepy guys who also happen to be criminals, or just social ne'er-do-wells, looking to steal our stuff. We're good for a lot in nature, of course. Back before technological times, let's say, men had a lot more going on. Feeding the horse, building fences, fighting neighboring tribes, and fathering children. Daughters for the grace of life. Sons for the horse, fences, fighting, and fathering.

We're actually very lucky these days, because, thanks to technology, we've been lifted above all that. But whether "lifted" is the right word, I don't know; maybe "burden" would be better. Women seem like they're more into feeding horses, which now are only owned for recreational or aesthetic purposes. Fences are put in by the pros. There's ordinances against fighting neighbors. The only thing men get to do now is father children, and thanks to birth control, that's basically out. Used to be families had 15 kids, because about five of them would die early; you could never be sure. Now you're lucky if you have two, and they're at a loss of what to do, never maturing and remaining children perpetually.

Anyway, Myra Kula Electra, doesn't she look great? Her arms are stretched out so nicely. Her head's pulled back, like she's in ecstasy, her eyes closed, beholding what kaleidoscopic mental pictures? The half shell structure is crossed with the morning sun, and Myra walks the golden ribbon of life to her blessed destination. What a sight!

To think, once upon a time -- a few days ago -- we were still at each other's throats. I had it out for her and she for me. The whole purpose I had as The Golden Child -- having a divine mission, as it were -- was to destroy Myra Kula Electra! For the bad treatment I received from her. And the fact that she had carnal relations with the four prisoners at the July 4 celebration a couple years ago. Etc. But then everything threw us together in a common mission. To destroy the demons, then to preserve, protect, and defend our hometown from the same hellish forces. She has my utmost respect now. And I'm sure the future will be bright.

There's only one itsy bitsy issue with stuff like this. Which is -- and it's an old, old story -- when you face demons, etc., it's easy to make common cause, to get you through this desperate time. But what do you do when things go back to normal? Even guys who went through the world wars couldn't just sit around talking about their victories, since that gets old.

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