Thursday, March 28, 2019

Premature Happy Ending

No. 28 of 31 - Thermometer series

I got ahead of myself, momentarily forgetting there are still matters to resolve before this thing ends in victory and euphoria. There’s a lot more of the challenging stuff that I don’t necessarily enjoy, like consolidating gains, establishing finely-crafted group purposes, reinforcing everyone’s place in the blog family, making sure new commitments endure, and perhaps coming up with a slogan that binds us closer for the years ahead. I want a better system of reader input too. In short, I’m looking at the boredom of bureaucracy...

And I’m in the mood for love — for num num num — not charters, group dynamics, and the division of labor. I can’t help it if it hits me like that, how with a few eye flickers everything comes into focus all around, when, when—- What’s this? I have to sign for another shipment of thermometers? Can’t we get a guy at the door? The delivery guys don’t need to be walking all the way up to my actual bedroom! Let’s take care of that bureaucratic snafu first!

“OK, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?” It’s always like this. I’m looking forward for the good stuff, whether it’s Thanksgiving and we’re digging into pumpkin pie, or drying off after a day at the beach. Which this wasn’t. Making me yearn even more for a happy time all around (“for one and all!”) Burning, yearning, intense. And these days with morality at an all time-low, you can hardly say I’m the first to go crazy and longingly dig in. So I’m expecting some forbearance.

You gotta admit, Florence was looking at me with those daydreamy eyes she packs and I at her. It’s a settled fact if not case law that she had something in mind. And it might’ve been more than romance for its own sake. Because I’m old and she’s young. And she has to know there’s issues with inheritance rights on the blog that will be settled soon. But I’m not holding it against her, because I’ve faced my options and they’re limited. You should know, I bathe once a week whether I need it or not.

OK, my whole team was involved in canvassing for the blog at the county level, capitalizing on the local pride angle. Although the county wouldn’t recognize me in a one-man lineup, but the more popular I get, of course the more they’re looking at the bottom line, how with a real popular blog, and thermometer manufacturers moving here, it would really help with taxation and funding.

With these sexy issues in mind, Florence and I allowed our eyes to meet. We went two rooms over. And locked ourselves body to body, groping made more complicated with us so akimbo, but with satisfied noises strongly shared, “Num num num,” as we kissed with genuine intimacy in a mutually shared fever pitch that went on like that, on and on. I reached up to forage for more more more when my hand was quickly and painfully clamped in a muskrat-type trap she had surreptitiously concealed under her sweater. “I’ll take that as a no,” I deadpanned, dangling a nasty little trap and counting fingers.

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