Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Old Cars and Dogs' Heads

When I was growing up, Grandpa Slump, and my own father, for that matter, owned some old cars, like a '52 Chevy. We had a '52 Chevy for quite a while, and this was the car that somebody had installed seat belts in. They didn't normally have seat belts back then, but someone had taken some big heavy duty green ones from an airplane -- probably a military airplane -- and put them in the car.

But this post is about old cars and dogs' heads. What I see when I look at old cars to this day is the shape of a dog's head. And when I see a dog's head, likewise, I see old cars. I see an old dog walking by, with his old car-shaped head, and think, "Hey, dog, your head is really old fashioned! What have you got a head that's out of style for? Why walk around with a head that looks like a car from the '40s? You need something snazzier!" And of course there are dogs, those ones with the skinny muzzle as an example, real trim, sleek looking dogs that just hint at a retro car look while having modern lines. You can almost see a jet plane in some of them.

The worst dog head ever, though, has to be those flat, mushed in ones, like a boxer or a bulldog. They're walking around with what looks like an old car wrecked, one that needs restoration. A shar pei is about the same, with tons of wrinkles. If you started restoring one of them -- like with a rolling pin -- you'd end up with enough skin and fur for two dogs and only enough living stuffing for one.

But what came first, the old car or the dog's head? This is a question whose answer -- if there ever was one -- is lost in the mists of time. One could state the likelihood that cars only go back to the time they were invented, relatively recently, and that dogs, likely being a species of animal that existed before that, would be older. But I'm not prepared to jump to hasty conclusions.

All I know is that the heads of dogs exist. And old cars exist. And the two have some very striking similarities.

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