Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Couldn't Return To My Dream

I had the dream yesterday about the big carnival ride, a lifting device that went super far up into the air and dropped people off at or near our half acre. But then I woke up just before I myself was about to ride it. The lady with the 10 dollars in her mouth, who may or may not have been dead, chewed up all the time -- and time is money, in this case she was chewing 10 bucks -- so I ended up waking up before taking the ride...

I was thinking about it as I was going to bed last night. I was in that twilight zone just before you fall asleep, sort of feeling like I was still awake, thinking about it, but then when I actually did fall asleep the subject never came up. Dreams are weird. You think they're just part of your thought process, so why can't you think what you want to think? Why does it have to come involuntarily? I wish I knew. As it turned out I dreamt something totally unrelated that I didn't remember.

When I woke up, then, today before the alarm went off, I was laying there thinking maybe I could drift into that twilight area again and dream it as a conscious thing. Maybe not being actually asleep, but still in the vicinity of sleep close enough that I could at least take a ride on the thing. But that didn't work either. So it was not to be.

That would have been one great view of the whole neighborhood. I'd love to see it from way up there. Maybe I ought to go ask a guy at the airport to fly me around.

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