Thursday, January 7, 2010

Doctor's Appointment Tomorrow

I have one, a doctor's appointment. It's my regular six month checkup. I'm not looking forward to it, but of course I never do.

I've gotten over (pretty much) the whole fear of being stuck with the needle, although it's still not pleasant. The part I'm really not looking forward to it my doctor asking if I've been regularly exercising. Since I haven't. I hate to give the impression that I'm not faithful to doing the right things. But sometimes I'm lazy, or busy, or tired. I have several good excuses, but none of them will fly.

I think I'm still in reasonably good condition. So that's not the problem. And I've been taking the medicine I'm supposed to take everyday. So my cholesterol levels ought to be OK. And my blood thinning is probably OK with the baby aspirin. (Somewhere there's a baby saying, "How come the store didn't have enough aspirin for me? Is some adult using it all up?)

My time for "fasting" is right now ... at the top of the hour. Oh no. I'm never so hungry as when I know I can't have any food. Somehow I need to survive the next 12+ hours without eating. I don't usually eat after 8 p.m., but I'm not usually restricted. Now I'm hungry! Craving something. Soon I'll be asleep and then it'll be OK.

I hope everything checks out OK. I don't want to go back to the 3 month checkups. I should've been doing my exercises. I should've been good! It's too late now! I'll have to go in ... and take my medicine.

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