Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Front Row Mindset

Everything in life has its own mindset. It's funny.

I was looking at an old tackle box today at a rummage sale, and was thinking how very compartmentalizable everything in life is. You've got a spot for all this trivial stuff, a tray for sinkers, one for straight hooks, one for treble hooks, several for lures and rubber worms, etc. It's like a TV dinner tray, where the frozen corn doesn't get mixed in with the frozen potatoes.

Mindsets are like that. I talk to the doctor and I've got my doctor thinking cap on. I talk to the dog and there's no thinking cap involved, just feelings. Except I do think because of the necessity in life of being constantly systematic. I could illustrate by doing one of those robotic dances, moving my arms up and down, singing Neil Young, "We will prevail and perform our function."

I've been busy flipping through my mindsets. Another way to picture a mindset is to think of the faces we have to show. You think about a day. You have to be about 12 different people, depending on who you're with.

Yesterday I was lost in the mindset of the observer of history. That to me is a mindset of great joy and carries with it the feeling of lustrousness. I'm there, feeling kind of like one of those rap breaks in the middle of a song, like in the song "Stutter" by Joe, the Double Take Remix featuring Mystikal. Joe's piece is to calmly bliss it out there, but Mystikal has the more forward mindset. He's saying 'I'm observing this thing. I have a front row seat on the history of this song. I will express myself in happiness.' Or words to that effect.

Some of what I'm witnessing from my front row seat is giving me an angry mindset. Like everything I hear from these Republican clowns, like Alan Keyes, Rush, and other of the clown clique. They want to tear down our president. They spent eight years propping up actual criminality and now they're against good American decency. It's bizarre, and I'd rather not see it.

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