Monday, February 2, 2009

A World Of Cameras

Watching the big game last night (Super Bowl, a football championship, currently well known), whenever I could, I had my eye on a camera that was in the middle of the field. I saw it bobbing around a few times, then noticed its angle. It must be robotic or controlled like a radio controlled car or controlled with a computer. I was wondering if it was on a bobbing line, because I thought I saw it going up one time. Kind of takes the place of the blimp they used to have, which no one mentioned.

We have cameras everywhere. I would be surprised if there's anywhere where there's valuable where there isn't a camera somewhere near by. Anytime there's a break in or a plane crash or an abduction, they have a bank camera, a security camera, or people on the scene with phone cameras or Flips. You can't get away with anything these days, unless you pay off the camera man first.

We need a world of cameras! Like in every garage, every walkway, dare I say, in every bedroom? And bathroom? Well, they don't have them in bathrooms. No one wants to see that, except, well, there are people who would. Not me. I go to the bathroom and I have my eyes averted strictly. I don't want to see anything. I don't even look down. Certainly not across.

What was that movie? Oh, it was TV. Seinfeld, where George is in the bathroom with his boss. At first he's in the hall, but then gets in there just in time to catch the last little bit of his boss's instructions. So he missed the whole first part. I would miss the entire thing. I'm not going into the bathroom with the boss!

But with a world of cameras, police could catch evildoers more easily. We could catch the police more easily, running stop signs, beating up people. Everyone would know they were on camera 24/7 and guide themselves accordingly. I might be on camera right this second. I don't really like the idea, now that I put it that way. My hair's messed up. I'm scratching in unusual places. I guess privacy has its virtues.

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