Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nothing Refreshing

There's nothing as refreshing as a cold glass of water. I've got one right now, about five inches from my left hand, close to the keyboard.

I've really rediscovered water. And not bottled water, which is foolish to waste your money on. But just plain water right from the faucet. Maybe it's because it's winter but the water's coming out cold.

I had a small cup of it last night when I took my pills. It was cold and delicious. And I savored each drop and didn't overdo it, because I don't want to be getting up through the night. Then just before bed I decided to have another small cup of water. Very good.

I used to hear that you're supposed to have four or five glasses of water a day. I don't know about that. Too much of a good thing? Because I've also heard that you can get waterlog, too much is bad for you. So I don't know what to think. I think you should have some when you're thirsty, basically, and let it go at that.

UPDATE (9:06 p.m.) - I still think water is very refreshing, and, in fact, delicious, especially when it's cold and without any taste. Somehow my city has just the right formula -- I call it Water Classic -- they've got it chilled just to the right temperature. And they provide it via my tap without any taste. I had a few glasses today, which I drank. I was completely happy with the experience. And if today is any guide, I might just do the same thing tomorrow; it's that good.

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