Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In Addition To Water

In addition to water, which is very refreshing, especially when clear, cold, and clean, there are other beverages that quench my thirst to rather good effect. These include orange juice and milk.

As to orange juice, though, let me say right up front that I'm suspicious of it. I read somewhere that it has a bad effect on your teeth if you drink too much of it. And since I get this chilly kind of painful nerve sensation in my teeth, down in the root of them, I like to restrict myself on OJ intake. I let my natural discipline maintain the restriction as a true thing. And I am successful. A little OJ in the morning is good, I think. I know in the South Beach diet book it says not to drink it. The kind I've been buying is (uhh, I'm drawing a blank), but it's the Low Acid variety of whatever brand it is.

Then I mentioned milk as a beverage that is good in addition to water. For me milk is also more of a breakfast drink, but I like it. Cold and fresh -- not cow fresh, but before the expiration date -- is best. It goes down fine for me, tastes good, and seems good for you. I hope it is. But just like OJ, there's probably lots of qualifiers, such as not getting the overly fat kind. All that.

This is not to say that OJ and milk are the only beverages I like in addition to water. Just to mention some, of course there's coffee and tea. They're both good, but I probably don't have to tell you.

UPDATE 6:12 p.m. - I had a massive glass of pink lemonade at Taco Bell today. That is not a drink I like, except maybe in very small quantities, like six to eight ounces. This had to be 36 to 40 ounces, massive. I couldn't drink that if I wanted to! I wanted iced tea but all they had was raspberry iced tea, which I don't like. Sorry to be updating all the time, but I knew you'd want to know ... some of my preferences in beverages ... in addition to water, orange juice, milk, coffee, and tea ...

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