Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beach Blanket Hiatus

Now here's a theme motel room I'm up for, a lot better than the history of dentistry room, although that was quite interesting. This one is called "A Day on the Beach," with the subtitle of "Life's A Beach." They probably have that on T-shirts too, making it an interesting slogan.

I checked in and there was a vacancy in the beach room, which I promptly took. What do you say to someone heading for the beach? Don't forget the sunscreen. But since this is inside, with no grow lights, I won't be needing any. I'm simply inside, to enjoy the walls and decorations around the room.

One big wall over by the bed is a vast beach scene with the ocean looming all the way to the distance. It is indeed a beautiful sunny day on the scene, with gulls, children building sandcastles, and a playful couple off to the right batting a beach ball back and forth. He's definitely built, with bulging biceps and a smart look, plus the obviously too skimpy bathing suit. Do they call them trunks anymore? The woman is my kind of gal, curvy and with an attitude. She has a definite look about her, that she's ready to play ... and play they do, with the ball just leaving her hand. I'll check in with them later.

The room is keenly decorated, giving me the impression that I'm part of the action and excitement. What's this on the desk? Seashells in with some light green netting. What a surprise! Plus there's numerous smaller framed pieces of watercolor artwork, all of beach, seashore scenes. It's like I'm there, and that's a lot of fun for me. This hiatus has been just what the doctor ordered ... or maybe I could say in this case, the lifeguard. When they blow their whistle you have to listen. They have the power to arrest you -- a little known fact -- and have been regularly carrying firearms since 9/11.

Oh, this is wild. I was just in the bathroom and instead of regular towels they have big beach towels. That is insane, but a welcome touch that really carries the theme through to its absolute extreme. I'll be checking in at the desk to see if they have a limbo stick, so that I can personally add to the theme and also have a little fun before I hit the sack.

I'm looking over at my happy couple. She's quite a looker. They're made for each other, with his big body and her very trim, svelte physique. That's an interesting bikini she sports! It's a two-piece. Once again I check in with their game of batting the beach ball. It's still just leaving her hand. And she has that look, like she thinks she might actually win. He's intent, too, but he might be the kind of guy who loses on purpose.

It might be worth it. That's a funny thought. Let her think she beat him fair and square. Because someday -- if this was real life -- their game would be over ... and it'd be time to be framed on the beach with a big fat moon and glistening sea in the background. He wouldn't mind whispering a few sweet nothings, then each would lose him- or herself in a prolonged, intense kiss.

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