Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Hiatus From Scratch

I've just been feeling myself along during this whole hiatus.

I didn't know what to expect when I boldly started it and I don't know what to expect as I courageously continue it. There aren't any paths out here. Of course that makes me a little bit afraid and a whole lot proud to continue on...

I'm not even sure there ever was a hiatus in my family before, at least in the formal sense. I guess I had plenty of relatives who took time off or were just plain lazy. Some of my Missouri kinfolk always had a real lazy look, laying around or leaning back in their chair on the porch. But that was just their normal way of life. Which I'm not saying is true for everyone in the state of Missouri, because it stands to reason there has to be at least one person there somewhere who doesn't mind working.

My family around here was certainly overactive all the time I knew about. The womenfolk, the menfolk, the kidfolk. A bunch of workaholics. They grew up used to the Depression and knowing that if they sat around today the creditors would be taking away the half acre tomorrow. So it was work, work, work. So much work, in fact, that they didn't hear the news the Depression was over till the mid 1970s; they kept right on working, and finally that's what killed Grandpa.

Now leaving basically me and Grandma to enjoy all the fruits of their labors...

So now that I'm on hiatus I'm definitely blazing a trail. Or I would if it didn't take so much effort. All I want to do is sleep, take it easy, take a break, nap, and wait till an animal crawls into the yard and kills itself so I can eat. I seriously might move to Missouri just so people don't look at me funny.

Work is overrated, that's for sure. You figure if these two things are true, that there's no good deed that doesn't go unpunished, and that the Bible doesn't say 'God helps those who help themselves,' then who am I to kick? Take it easy.

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