Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hiatus Holding Pattern

Good battleaxeing grief, has another day passed already? So that I'm already once again sitting here trying to catch up everybody on my hiatus. I'm calling these "The Hiatus Posts," and for very good reason. I'm in a hiatus holding pattern, like a plane that can't come down. Except in this case the plane is grounded, taking a breather, and can't go up.

There's no way it was supposed to go this long. I envisioned it as potentially something that could stretch out, of course. But I also envisioned it as more likely being 15 to 20 days max. I did what you're supposed to do when you envision and prepare to take a hiatus. I filled out the paperwork, the forms, the proposal, and waited. I was ready right then and there to get started, but they put me in a holding pattern until it could be officially approved.

Why it's gone long, it's a case of finding it hard to quit. But I've definitely got what it takes to quit -- just like that -- if I really wanted. So there must be some real desire of mine to just keep going. It's not like anyone's really caring all that much. I could pad this thing out from here to doomsday with "Hiatus Posts" and no one would care. That's what I get for chasing off all my so-called "friends and followers." I'm sitting here alone ... and you know what? ... I like it that way.

Anyway, I've written about my "friends and followers" -- and I was frankly never convinced they were either one, which turned out to be the case. They fell into a few different categories. 1) Lurkers, just casual internet curiosity seekers; 2) Social types, trying to sidle up to me for friendship based on the charm I seem to possess; 3) Activists, looking for anyone who regularly posts to join them in whatever activities that activists tend to act on; 4) Desperate, anyone who would seek and attain real life visits with people they meet online; 5) Pervert(s), basically Garrett Al, but there could potentially have been others by now. (I left him in "a holding pattern," holding his own in a jail cell and not mine!)

So just look through that list of categories. It's pathetic from first to last. There's no one who needs any of that. Well, I guess 2 and 3 aren't so bad, but out of the two I would be most naturally repelled by activists, since I don't want to participate in their activities. I hate all activism, the meetings, motions, signs, speakers, chants; activists hate all disagreement, so you have to lie to them constantly to be their friend. As for social types, wanting to be friends? Friendship has to be organic, I'm sorry. You can't glom on to someone out of the blue and set your sights on him and say that guy's going to be my friend. Social types, you're meeting them as a work and pursuit in progress, so it doesn't work. It's so artificial, it breaks down the minute you sober up.

I do not take thee, to have and to hold from this day forward. I choose hiatus!

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