Sunday, July 23, 2023

God Bless the Pusher Man

I know we're all "environmental" sympathizers these days; I know that's what I am. My feeling is it's better to take care of what we have, kind of like the truth you follow if you're shooting for 50 years of wedded bliss. You take care of what you've got, first and foremost.

But every case isn't like the last case. In this case, apparently the man has some authority over that piece of land. 1) It could be his own mountain and he's out moving it around for aesthetic reasons; or, 2) He does it for a living and the boss told him to get out there and get it cleaned up. Most of us have had a boss who throws around his weight, guiding we the workers in accomplishing the task before us after his will. For us the employee, it'd be better if we won the lottery and bought all the mountains we wanted to tend to. Which is really just a dream, gone when I wake up.

If it's your own mountain, naturally that's happier than tending to other people's mountains. My assessment is, he's got a skillful eye on the task. He wants things to be as nice as they can be, but he knows it's going to look terrible for a while longer, can't build Rome in a day. So it's time for lunch.

Have we decided which is the most important meal of the day? I've heard good arguments for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But it could be controversial, so I'll leave it to each of us to decide his or her favorite meal and just keep it to ourselves. If we're together for any length of time, I'll figure it out.

I spoke about environmental sympathizers, and said I am one. So I'm going to assume this man has the same wisdom that I have. Anyone who has an argument about it, there's a different mountain about 8000 miles east of here, it's more interesting, for sure, so get going!

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