Monday, July 17, 2023

The Last Good Guy on Earth?

I'm usually so optimistic, giving good kudos to my friends, family, and neighbors. Which entails thinking highly of them and feeling assured that they're A-OK, nothing wrong, nothing shady, nothing hidden, such as schemes, criminal and/or crooked stuff. I suppose I could push my thoughts out there occasionally, just to make sure that I'm not being overly optimistic.

Because according to what I'm hearing, things aren't that way at all. And I used to be so optimistic that when I'd see wanted posters at the post office for guys who were WANTED, I figured they were just razzing them, like neighbors laughingly making so-called accusations about them just for kicks. Get a rise out of them. Well, I was talking with a friend and he caught a whiff of my innocent thinking and laid it on thick about how apparently rotten ("to the core") the heart of man is, firstly, and how an indwelling "evil" is manifest in things like robbery and killing, taking it all the way down to pilfering packs of chewing gum at the gas station.

I've gone out of my way, too, in waving at everyone, giving everyone a smile, and I've even trusted them farther than I could throw them. Loaning out lawn equipment, for instance. And, yes, sometimes I never got it back, but I always figured they had it at the garage somewhere cleaning it or having the blade sharpened before they returned it. I'm the most honest guy in the world, it seems. I guess that's how I have to see it. Since I have no good way of knowing where everyone is on the scale.

If anyone could PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE (with sugar on it), could tell me and reassure me that I'm not the last good guy on Earth, I would appreciate that. It might tamp down my recent insights and bring back a lot of it or even a smidgen of my old optimistism. If this is how it is, though, I'll never loan out my lawn mower ever again, assuming I get it back after loaning it out yesterday.

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