Monday, July 3, 2023

Fireworks Fundamentally Evil?

Fireworks have a way of making a mess wherever they go. We used to think they were great. Then, I guess it was the danger and all the warnings I heard from parents and grandparents. Everyone knew someone missing a finger, an eye, a head of hair, and it was all something I took to heart. Joining that of course with the realization that everyone eventually dies, and, if that's true, the events along the way are obviously not guaranteed to be favorable to our desires. When life gives us a given, receive it for what it's worth, with at least a speed bump of realization and wisdom.

Well, we had a few explosives, firecrackers occasionally, but usually sparklers. That's my history. Sparklers of course are not completely safe. Just like everything else, there's a downside. Relatively speaking, they were safe(r). But if you neglected the basic safety of the thing of course you could be in big trouble. My outlook has always been to LOOK OUT!!! The eyes you save could be the ones you're using to read this.

So, anyway, there's your big fun for the holiday, celebrating (in America) our great liberties, blah blah blah, and trying to make sense how fireworks really fit in. It's better to have something to celebrate than not. Celebration of our national place and society's benefits having to do with our heritage, preserving it, etc. If you manage to burn down your town, you probably have less to celebrate. But if you're smart and maintain some degree of temperance -- good virtues -- you'll have a pretty good common sense understanding of what the threats are, (1), and what the payoff is (2), everyone going "Whoopie! I just ignited a firecracker, aren't I a good boy? Yes I am.

Now let me end with my testimony to America and what have you: I, CITIZEN OF THIS LAND, THANK THEE FOR THE BESTOWAL OF LIBERTY, AND SO ON AND SO ON, until the sacred cattle of the fields (even them) crow and moo, "We too have a great place in our country's heritage ... people gotta eat."

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