Saturday, July 15, 2023

Welcome To Testville

I got a new computer. Full disclosure, I think I'm losing it ... not the new computer, but my mind.

It's kind of an awful thing. Feels like crap, really. Which is at least something of an encouraging word. Encouraging? Why? Because if I'm able to discern that my mentality is in uproar, at least I'm looking at it from a sane perspective, possibly my main consciousness battling this alternative narrative. That's great. Because, as the song says, "Seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are overcast."

Another paragraph and I'll be able to test this TESTVILLE post. What would the town of TESTVILLE be like? Their whole civic thing is to explore, to test the great and the small. No test is bad, although in tests there's lots of pain. But if the test gives you more to suffer from, then you need to try to get your house in order.

Food for thought. Big huge steaming platters of food for thought. The butler sees the crowds waiting for their food. Bibs around their necks. And we'll see how the test ended, probably a burp.

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