Monday, December 21, 2009

When Teen Stars Marry -- Sorry Girls!

I heard that one of the Jonas Brothers got married, Kevin. I don't really know the Jonas Brothers' names all that well, but I know there's one named Nick. Maybe Joe. Is there a Joe?

It was definitely Kevin who got married. I saw it this morning and just looked it up on the internet to remind myself what his name was.

So, sorry girls. Kevin is now taken. Although, maybe it will be like it is with other big stars, he'll be available again one of these days. Maybe not. Maybe he'll love his wife and she'll love him and they'll be able to settle down as an old couple.

I'm old, so I remember some of the stories back in olden days when teen stars got married. I'm actually old enough to remember the Beatles on Ed Sullivan the first time. The first time I ever heard the Beatles' names, it was announced that one of them was married. There was Paul, George, and Ringo. Then when they identified John, with his name on the screen, it said, "Sorry girls, he's married."

That's the first time I ever heard of John Lennon. And the first thing I learned about him was he was married! So it might've been trauma to the girls who knew him before that. Out of circulation. Paul was the last of the Beatles to get married, so Everygirl had a shot at him for quite a while.

The Monkees -- it seems like Davy kept it a secret that he was married for a couple years. I'm pretty sure they have all been married and divorced, and maybe more than once. I remember hearing at the height of their popularity that Peter had been married before he became part of the group. And while the group was going, Mike was the only one married. Sorry girls!

I'm not a girl, so I never considered myself in the market for one of these fab performers. And really, I wouldn't want to be married to them anyway. They're too much on the go, at least they were. And you barely expect it to last. If some fabulous Hollywood actress wanted to marry me -- and I am quite a catch -- I'd have to say no. I don't like that whole scene. Unless it's true love, and I doubt it would be.

Elvis -- he didn't get married for quite a while. He hit big fame in '56 and wasn't married till '67 or '68, in there somewhere.

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