Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Industrialists Can't Compete With The First Cobbler

How is this for an awesome story? They've found the oldest leather shoe, still setting there and in decent shape after over 5,000 years! It was found somewhere in Armenia, a far off place that we've never been. 

The story says it was well-preserved, stuffed with grass maybe for lining or insulation or maybe to keep its shape while it was in the owner's closet. What happened to his other shoe, the article doesn't say.

I'm thinking this shoe must've been made by the world's first cobbler. The first cobbler lived in a village over there, saw everyone walking around barefoot and said, "By George, I think I've got it: I'll make shoes."

Of course this was thousands of years before Dr. Scholl and the other industrial shoemakers got into the act, so that's why it was able to stand the test of time, due to the quality of the cobbler's work. He didn't make it out of cardboard or wood particulates or plastic. It was sturdy, all leather, designed for the foot and a good day's walk.

Perhaps it was owned by Enoch, who walked with God, then was taken. That would explain just one shoe being left behind.

Try that, industrialists! Try coming up with a shoe that lasts 5000+ years! And I don't mean one in a freezer somewhere, but one right there in an everyday cave, being used all this time.

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