Thursday, June 24, 2010

Planning My Industrial Section

Since we now believe every man is entitled to his own industrial section -- it's only fair -- it can't happen too soon that we get it going. The time to make money is now, before every man gets his.

Before I get into it, I want to put an idea out there, more or less as a reminder to myself. I have a great idea, to be the manufacturer of vending machines for cars. Big huge vending machines where you could look at cars, then put your debit card in, or cash, and you'd drive one away. Other people have had the same idea, I know, but the biggest hang up has always been the immense amount of paperwork you need to do when you buy a car. I plan to boilerplate all that and have it on my computer, which I can then use to make quick printouts. The rest you can fill in yourself.

But if you look at the rough draft plan I have, you'll see I don't have a place for these. That might take the spot there at the north, at the bottom of the page, where I have sketched in a "Proposed Generic Industry Facility." My original thought was we would just have it set up for quick stuff, like maybe sponges one day, paperclips another, disposable diapers another, and so forth. I'd tell my workers just to get together before work and be creative, decide what you feel like making today, majority rules.

There's a couple of buildings already on the property, which I've sketched in with darker lines. These are my house and garage. Everything else has to be built around them. Because the garage can't be moved, I split my tire factory into two plants. It'll be good having the garage in the middle because I can try out the tires on my car to make sure they fit.

Probably my favorite proposal is my electricity generating plant. There's already three trees in that sector of the half acre, the two pussy willow trees and the maple. Then there's the well. So we'd immediately be set up, thanks to these, for both wind and hydro generating capabilities. There's a lot of movement in trees that we really need to harness.

I thought maybe I'd just put the whole lot into industry, but I've saved out some space for green space, calling it "The Great Lawn," with a fountain and our signage. Then there's the shrub or scrub trees off to the east. I don't mind these trees; they've always been pleasant around me and I don't have any complaints against them.

Up in the top section, at the very south of my lot, I sketched in some "Personal Space" and a place for both shipping and receiving docks. Neighbors can come and bring me goods and buy my products, and while they're browsing, I will be watching them from the personal space. I plan on guarding it.

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