Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Industry In Every Garage

I had a real brainy idea yesterday, making an excellent point in the process: If every man can't have his own industry, why should anyone get one? The brainy idea was that, indeed, every man should have his own industry if he wants.

The way this would work, now that I've thought of it, meaning it's a little different from yesterday's description, is that every man could have the industry of his choosing in his yard or garage or wherever. Yesterday I was suggesting that maybe every man would want his own electrical generating plant, his own tire making plant, etc. Which, after further reflection, sounds ridiculous, because there wouldn't be enough room in the many individual yards for an industry of every sort. Plus, there would be no market, say, for tires, if every man had his own tire factory.

So the way my plan works today makes a little more sense. Like I said, I spent some time in further reflection, and it was after this that I refined the idea. Still, of course there's nothing about the plan that would prohibit anyone from having his own tire factory -- and a dozen of them on the block if that's what the residents of that block wanted.

But in the interest of spreading the resources around a little more, it might be good to have only one tire factory per block, then the other manufacturing concerns that would produce the goods needed for that block or section of town. So there could be a tire plant, a guy who makes chrome bumpers, another guy to make stethoscopes for doctors, another guy to make disposable diapers, etc.

I was out in the garage today looking around, wondering where I would put the various implements required either to make tires or generate electricity. Speaking for myself, I don't know much about either of those things, the processes it'd take to make one. But if I had to guess which one would be easiest to get into, it'd have to be tires. Because I could always dissect an existing tire and see how it's made, but I'd get shocked if I tried to dissect electricity, of course.

What is electricity? I'm really not sure. Sparks. It seems like it involves sparks. Plus the movement of sparks over wires. I think it's a bunch of molecules that are excited and are looking for a hot date with a cool appliance so they can release their pent up energy. How you make it precisely, that's something I don't know yet. I know I've heard of it being made by wind, coal, and water, so there must be more than one recipe, meaning it's probably quite easy once you've whipped up a batch or two. Maybe if you put a wire in your hand and sloshed some water around in the sink, you could come up with a jar full at least. Like Ben Franklin. But I'll worry about that if the whole tire factory thing doesn't pan out.

I'm really on to a great idea. But look at the irony. This whole thing started with me hating all industry and the industrial powers. I still hate them. But the irony is that I would like to multiply industry now, so that every man would have his hand in the business. That's a great idea. Because the more of us doing it, the lower the prices would be, for one. Think about it. If we had a tire factory literally on every block, no one would have to pay big bucks for a tire, because there'd be a glut anyway.

It's all very brilliant. And I'm proud that I refined my idea as I did ... after further reflection. I just concentrated very very hard, and that's what came out. An industry in every garage!

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