Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Ideas I Have

There's two things happening with me right this second. 1) I have Big Ideas outward; 2) I'm so interiorly oriented I'm becoming a withdrawn clam. These are contradictory things, of course, but what can I do?

Number 1 isn't happening because of my isolation, being on the sidelines, being alone. Number 2 is happening as my constant reality, and the more it does the further Number 1 is from reality. Yet I have the impulse to look up in the air and cast in my all with society and existence. What would this look like from the air? Like the opening shot of "The Sound of Music," Julie Andrews with her arms raised, the helicopter swooping in. It's the center of the shot; it could be no other.

The way it would have to work, though, is that society has to agree to my terms. I know objectively I'm in no position to bargain. I'm not like a rock star who can insist on green M & M's, cold duck chilled to 54 degrees, and a zen garden on my desk. I'm not like the president who has his own airplane, helicopter, and limo. I'm not like the executive who spent a million dollars to redecorate his office. My offerings, while prodigious, perhaps stunning, don't look good on a resume or application. I couldn't qualify for a grant. Still I say that society would have to agree to my terms.

My terms are modest, basically that my house and land (the half acre) be designated the center of the universe. Mount Harney and Jerusalem would lose their claims. I would want to see a big map like on phone company commercials, looking like the headquarters for the moon shot, with my house and the various world lines, meridians, reoriented to that location, taking away Greenwich's prerogatives. Anything less would be taken as a slap in the face. And I might have to hire North Korea's publicists to handle my outrage.

I also want to have the geyser Old Faithful to be relocated to near the south border of my property, with all tourist royalties and payments being credited to my account. Whatever underground mechanism they have to generate its many eruptions, I want the sole copy of all schematics, that it could never be replicated.

Then and only then will I unleash such insights on life that folks would still be talking weeks later.

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