Monday, March 2, 2009

A Bird's Eye View

I almost got a bird's eye view of the whole neighborhood ... in my last dream.

At the bottom of the hill to the west there was a gigantic carnival ride type of machine. It was more gigantic than anything from real life, making it look actually scary in how high the people went. They were very small up there and it didn't look tame in any way. I kept avoiding taking a turn. Put it off too long because it looked dangerous.

They were going from the bottom of the hill to the top, so it wasn't exactly like a carnival ride. Like a ski lift more, except picking you up, then going really high, then turning, then setting you down.

Finally I decided to do it. Faced my fears. Figured once I'm on it'll be too late. Anyway, no one's falling off.

So I'm in line. But the woman strapped in the device just ahead of me had either passed out or was dead. And the person ahead of her pointed out to the ticket lady that she had 10 dollars in her mouth. The ticket lady needed to get the money out of her mouth and was surprised to see it there. She gently clunked the back of her head at the top of the neck, her mouth opened, then she pulled out the two five dollar bills that were there for some unknown reason.

Now it's my turn to get a ticket and I'm thinking she needs to wash her hands before waiting on me. Then she very nicely said, "I need to step into the kitchen and wash my hands." I said, "Good idea."

That was when I woke up.

But had I kept on in the dream, I could have seen everything in the neighborhood with a bird's eye view. That would have been great: the west, east, north, of course, and the south. Our own little plot of land, which was where they were letting people off. See it from way up there!

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