Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Bemused, Gracious Wave

First, a tirade: Rotten, stinking thing! Couldn't get this blogger to come up! So I'm sitting here like a bubble about to bust and can't get on.

Second, back to the show: I was just in the center of my living room, working on a bemused, gracious wave. When everyone comes to see the Old Faithful geyser spouting off, soon to be located at the south of my half acre property, they will want to see their host. I will occasionally wander out, in bathrobe and pipe, to visit with some of my geyser's well wishers, sign autographs, and tell where I got my big start.

It was right here, in fact, where I learned the values that I live by. Hard work, honesty the best policy, family, friends, service to one's country. And of course the rock solid conviction that wishing can make it happen, if you're young at heart. I make a wish and the forces align to bring it to pass. It is written, it is done.

Fate has conspired to make me a success. I tried to shrug it off. You've heard the story of the king who walked in rags, trying to avoid his destiny. Been there. And there's the story of the king who was slated to be killed, but he put a servant in his royal robes. Yet the arrow, shot askew, hit the right king and he died. That can happen. The first one, I mean. How do I know? Hey! [making self referential gestures and smiling].

ONE THING FURTHER -- That's the end of this particular post. I just wanted to note here, for posterity, that my favorite appliance dealer is retiring. So if you bought his appliances in the last couple years because you thought service followed the sale, you're out of luck. But that's a downer. What I want to do is actually pay tribute to him. He's out there, one of my regular readers. I'll just call him "P," because I didn't clear this with him. P, baby, you always did a great job working on my appliances. You were there when I called and I won't forget that. I always chuckled at something you did, the way you acted put out or incredulous that people didn't know more about appliances (1) or their place in life, working, not taking welfare. You had a couple things to say about immigrants. And I didn't completely agree but you're welcome to your radical views as an American. The whole appliance thing was funny, though, laughing with you. Like if someone didn't know how a dryer worked, etc. At first I didn't know either, to be truthful, but I watched you a few times. And now I believe I grasp some of the concepts. Have a great retirement!

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