Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Ideal Woman

It just popped into my mind, a distant memory I have, which I can't really remember, because it was something in a dream once ... lonnnnnng ago. A distant memory of The Ideal Woman.

I shouldn't even bring it up since my memories aren't clear enough to write about it. I haven't thought of it for many years.

She lived somewhere that started with the word "Red." Like Redfield, Redbrook, something like that. I think it was Redfield ... Redfield, Iowa. I see there actually is a place called that. I knew it was in Iowa and that it started with Red, and Redfield sounds exactly right.

I can close my eyes, though, and still not actually see her. So it's all in vain. More or less in vain. I've never been to Redfield that I know of. But in my dreams, once upon a time, The Ideal Woman was from there.

UPDATE: I just looked at Redfield's official website and saw this interesting motto: "Not quite the heart of Iowa, but holds all the love..." Who comes up with a motto like that?! That says it "holds all the love." Unless, unless ... these dreams have been more common than I've known ... and that many complete strangers, men (and maybe women) have been dreaming about The Ideal Woman from Redfield all these years.

Or it could be possible -- and it's probably more rational and likely -- that the "holds all the love" part of the motto was suggested by the idea that Redfield is "not quite the heart of Iowa," meaning, I guess, that it's just off to one side of the actual heart, i.e., away from the geographical, political, economic center, Des Moines? So they'd be saying they're "not quite the heart of Iowa" in that sense, with the suggestion from the word "heart" of symbolic things, connections with hearts, the biggest being love. But the actual heart -- which they're "not quite" -- would have to hold some of the love; stands to reason. Redfield takes it one step beyond the norm, saying it "holds all the love" [my emphasis].

Holding all the love makes it a natural magnet for the dreams of the loveless. Thus explaining my beautiful anima dream all those years ago.

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