Sunday, January 16, 2011

Delaying Bed Deliveries Is Godly

Church was good today.

Pastor Wadd made a lot of great points, always a blessing. He was up to Part 38 or 39 of his series on "The Lusts of the Flesh," so we're making steady progress on that.

He's always trying to make us think, to keep us on our spiritual toes about the various temptations and how we can avoid them. Of course he gets no complaints from me, because I know it's all so true. Like in a fight, your rights end where my nose begins, so with the lusts of the flesh, our private parts are strictly off limits. It's best not to even go there, let alone linger once you inevitably do.

We have a guy in church -- a deacon no less -- who sells beds for a living. This is a borderline acceptable occupation, a step up from running a tavern but still pretty bad. Naturally Pastor is very interested in any business like that that caters to fornicators, since it'd be better if he didn't do it. But everyone has to make a living, and all of us are compromised by the world to a certain extent anyway, so no one can really completely judge.

In open sharing today, Pastor called on Deacon Spencer and asked him how many beds he sold this week? "14," he said. "And how many of those have you delayed delivery on?" "All of them. And I still have six that haven't been delivered from last week."

That's very good! You have an order on a Thursday, no one sends in orders on a Friday, then there's the weekend. If it's a holiday weekend, you can't do it on Monday, and Tuesday's a catchup day, meaning the earlier you can order it is Wednesday or Thursday. Then you're up against Friday and the weekend again, so you can legitimately put it off for two or three weeks or maybe a month.

Or there's always "snowy roads" wherever the factory is -- it could be anywhere. Or something wrong with the delivery truck.

The longer you can delay delivery, the teaching goes, the more fornication you prevent. But of course you don't want to delay it so long that the customer wants his money back. Or simply moves into a motel and all hope is lost.

Before anyone jumps my bones on this subject, yes, I do sleep in a bed, which I bought once upon a time. Whether the delivery was delayed way back when, I don't remember. They might've sent it right over, since I looked like an honest person and didn't have an ulterior motive.

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