Friday, January 14, 2011

The Pink Professor -- The Rules Of Love

Who needs rules? I don't need no stinking rules, really. I follow rules even when there aren't any. The law's written on my heart.

It breaks my heart to have bank attendants and grocery store people question my integrity. It happened at the bank just today, needing to see my ID. They could leave me in charge of the entire bank and their money would still be there when they got back.

It's the only way to live, honestly and with integrity. And that's the way the Pink Professor and I want our relationship to go. We don't just want it to go that way; it will go that way.

Still, just for the sake of playfulness, itself a fun part of any relationship, it's fun to kick around a few rules of the road were we to need rules. Most of these we discussed ... it's sort of silly ... and a few of them are just commonsense things I'm throwing in for entertainment value only.

-- Don't bemoan your birthday. Birthdays are to celebrate. Getting old is great, the older the better. If I'm not here tomorrow, carry on without me, dammit! You're plenty strong! LOL.

-- Have mature respect for each other. We're both old enough to know better. Your heart's your heart and I'm not going to break it.

-- Keep the faith and always trust. If I'm not there, it's only because I'm not there; don't read anything into it. There's plenty of people who need me, the bikers, your blog readers, etc. (The Pink Professor is the Pink Professor-figure at a local bikers bar, and of course I write this blog for the edification and guidance of my worldwide readership. I even had a visitor from Latvia the other day, and I don't want any Latvians getting the wrong information.)

-- Facial hair. There's no rule about facial hair, but neither of us are fans. In general, we're already hygiene freaks, germ-conscious, occasionally with an ear itch, fastidious about our bathroom habits. If there's toothbrushes sharing space, they should be flipped in relation to each other until our germs are compatible. Sharing a comb is OK. I wear the same pants multiple days in a row, no big deal.

-- Old memories. They're great to bring up, with the relevant context. We've both got an extensive past.

-- Take care of yourself. Keep the spirit alive. Keep it spiritual. Enjoy each moment. Be kind to bikers and biker bar newbies. Treasure each story.

-- No kissing and telling. What happens at Chez Pink stays at Chez Pink.

-- Act on your intuitions. Chances are you'll be right. There's a Johnny Mathis song in there somewhere.

-- Be two, be one. Share, don't share. Respect distance, respect closeness.

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