Friday, June 8, 2012

Feeding Our Feathered Friends

Guess what! I'm on my second bag of feed, and I've been filling the feeder every morning, much to the delight of our feathered friends! True story.

I started thinking, What would be a great way to spice up the back yard? Then I went to the garden center and checked out some of their wares. I could get some cool lawn angels, a trellis, a little marble-like bench, a small wrought iron table, a rototiller, or some garden gnomes.

But I thought, No, I'd rather have something that adds a little life to the place, so I plunked down my debit card for a feeder, a bag of feed, a post for the feeder, and that's it. I would simply let nature do the rest. But could I trust nature? I was about to find out.

I stuck the post in the ground -- stay with me here. Then I hung up the feeder -- you see where I'm going? Then I filled it with feed, carefully so as not to spill too much. Now all I could do was sit back and let nature take its course.

And then it happened... A couple of our feathered friends flew in and pecked at it, looking skittish that someone might sneak up on them. They flew away and next a few more showed up. Within an hour -- and it didn't take any longer than an hour -- so many of our feathered friends were there they had to take a number and wait. Wow!

It was fun to watch, and it's continued on like that in the days since. The line is 40 deep. Others are circling the lot as they wait. I'm already on my second bag of feed, and it's about gone, too! I go out, like I said, the first thing in the morning. The feeder is nearly empty. And I fill it. Then I get back far enough so they know it's safe, and, sure enough, our feathered friends fly in for their morning feed.

It's been really cool with all the feathered friends I'm seeing. I even jotted down a few notes to help me keep them in mind. So far I've noted a number of different types. I've seen "red, blue, yellow, and brown" ones, so all colors, oh yeah, I need to add black. They're bigger and have a harder time landing on the little feeder.

One funny thing I learned is this: I didn't need to be so finicky about spilling seed, because our feathered friends are busy scattering it everywhere anyway as they eat! You ought to try this, if you think it'd be fun. Just go to a garden store and they will get you all set up! And if you say no, our feathered friends will go hungry.

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