Monday, June 4, 2012

Searching For The Great Unknown

I've decided to announce that I'm on a search for The Great Unknown. I've been searching for a little while now, something like three days. It suddenly occurred to me, I might be able to find it!

When you launch a search like this, it's a big deal, because you go up and down in your optimism. Sometimes you're very optimistic, then not very optimistic, then you can be downright pessimistic. It's probably no secret that I've run the gamut. Today, actually, I'm fairly optimistic, which explains why I've suddenly decided to go public.

I woke up today, like most days, taking stock of my feelings, mood, and outlook. And guess what; it was two thumbs up on every account. I felt good, went to the kitchen and made coffee, checked the news online, then immediately picked up the search. The Great Unknown has to be somewhere! So it was a good morning, marred only by one nagging question, whether I should call it a "search" or a "quest." But I put it out of my mind, thinking, the first thing I thought of was search, not quest, so search is good enough.

That was actually a breakthrough that, upon reflection, helped my confidence. Because when you do anything, searching or questing, if you start having second thoughts or doubts, it can kill you. You have to do it right, Go with your gut. Go with your first instinct. Some of the earliest explorers probably had the same conviction, which is how they managed to eventually discover all the continents.

But I'm looking for something a lot more nebulous, something that might not be right there in plain sight, and that's going to be tougher, The Great Unknown. Just to spell it out like that gives me pause, because What is it? What do we really know about it? Two things: It's Great and it's Unknown. But is it absolutely Unknown? If it is, how do we know it's Great? The answer to that has to be, It must be Great if it remains yet Unknown, and yet is apparently findable.

Now, where to look, that's the question. And how to know when I've found it, that's another problem. I honestly don't know the answers to those questions completely. But I'm thinking, it might pay rich dividends not to leave home too quickly. Because there's lots of things to delve into, the main one being the chance that the answer is to be found within.

Think about it! My sudden desire to find The Great Unknown obviously arose from within me. I didn't have the conviction a week ago. Then one day, there it was! If it is within me, within the psyche, that will be one huge step toward finding it. Then if I'm able to come up with clues, something that narrows the field, perhaps there will be something physical somewhere out there to complete the puzzle. So, if I narrow the field psychically, then launch out on my quest -- scratch that, search -- the two just might come together in a blinding flash.

This is a search that will be ongoing. I'm not going to update the world on every aspect of my search for The Great Unknown. Two big reasons: 1) It could get boring real fast, me butting my head against the wall; And, 2) There are probably others looking for it, too, and I want to find it first. There will be big prestige in naming it after myself, and I'm guessing there will be big money groups wanting a piece of it. Like Facebook. If they gave a billion for Instagram, imagine what The Great Unknown is worth!

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