Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Industrial Tapes - 1

We definitely have the major industrial powers on the run! They're on the defensive but they're still not down. It's at this point where the dog is cornered that it starts to get dicey. Dicey, but also sloppy, in not watching their back, or not realizing what they're up against in us. We have eyes everywhere!

Now I have it in my hands, explosive evidence. I have in my possession anywhere from one to a dozen incriminating tape(s) of them talking about us ... and their predicament. And it's not a pleasant thing to hear, with the cornered dogs talking about how they're going to bite back and hopefully prevail.

Like I said, at this point we have eyes everywhere. Thanks to an expanding network of residential industrialists, many of them -- perhaps as retirees -- having ties to the major industrial powers. Then there's all those folks who've worked for the powers or have been contractors who have carried grievances against them forever. The major powers need to learn they should watch their back!

This particular tape (or tapes) was/were delivered to me by one of these disgruntled sources, a local vat producer who shall remain nameless. What is revealed is shocking stuff as to what the major industrial powers think of the Residential Industrial Movement (RIM) and what they have planned against us. Also, it's my belief that they reveal their hatred for society as a whole. It's shocking, revealing, and revolting, all at the same time.

Listening to the tapes (I may as well admit there's more than one), first I'm listening for background evidence. As you can well guess, they didn't label the tapes, so it's more or less a hodgepodge. Background evidence, listening very closely, suggests the voices are male, that they're walking along in a private setting, and that they're outside. At one point I can hear the sound of an owl, leading me to believe it was night and that they were near some dense trees. So if we put all that together, we can conclude they're very secretive and likely know they're doing something wrong.

I can't get the whole thing transcribed. It wouldn't be helpful anyway, since a lot of it is simply chitchat of the most harmless kind.

VOICE 1 -- Did you hear that owl?
VOICE 2 -- Yeah, be still, let's listen.
OWL -- Woo, woo.
VOICE 1 -- It's over there in one of those trees.
VOICE 2 -- You think?

All that is understandable, since who isn't fascinated with the nocturnal insomniacs of nature, the owl? They're mysterious, not afraid of being alone in a dark forest, and very very wise.

But the tape reveals a lot more than that, and soon it turns very shocking, revealing, and revolting.

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