Friday, July 2, 2010

Vats For Industry (And Mega Ovens)

Here's one for the books, a tough one for me to believe...

I was out nosing around the many residential industrial sections of my town, which are spreading like wildfire ever since I announced the doctrine of "Every Man An Industrial Power."

I mentioned the Butler family up the block and their industry, a disposable diaper plant. That's great for many reasons, one being that there's a constant demand for diapers. It's great because they'll be able to have an immediate cash flow.

I admire the Butlers, but I have to really admire (or pity) the Spooner family over to the east, a couple blocks away. I'll admire them if it pays off, but I'll pity them if they find themselves financially high and dry, which could very well happen.

The Spooners, knowing that industry uses a lot of vats, for the mixing of chemicals (some of them) or for the transport of other mixtures within the factory, have taken it upon themselves to manufacture vats. To me this is an iffy prospect, for a number of reasons: 1) Most manufacturers probably also have vat manufacturers they already purchase from; 2) Once you have a quantity of vats, since they last forever, you don't need to buy them all the time. 3) It takes a lot of time and effort to make a really good vat.

But you have to say, God bless them! Because if the residential industrial movement is going to be a great success, someone out there is going to need a supplier of vats. And, really, if we believe in the residential aspects of the movement, maybe other residential manufacturers will prefer getting their vats from neighbors.

But I'm me ... a worry wart. I know at this stage I'd much rather be selling diapers than vats. But I just have to believe these people know what they're doing.

(I was just daydreaming, envisioning ... wouldn't it be a great thing to manufacture mega ovens, like for pizzerias that are enormous? Like a walk-in oven, where guys in fireproof suits are in there turning pizzas. That'd be a good one for someone like Spooner to make, someone who isn't overly worried about a financial risk in the short term.)

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