Friday, July 3, 2009

A Dizzying Hiatus

Where does the human spirit goes when it's tired of the same old same old? That's a question that has occurred to every person at some point, except maybe newborns, who are probably already there, until they get diaper rash and then they suddenly awaken to normal life.

We're all into alternative consciousness, when conceived as something beyond the sense that daily life is a bore. (It's not, of course, but to discern this is itself alternative consciousness.)

I know all this because of course I'm an expert. I'm on hiatus, giving me all kinds of time to explore the regions way up there, then the regions way down there. I have no real responsibilities in life except to devote myself to experiencing, relinquishing experience, ascending, descending, cutting weeds, feeding the dog, taking care of Grandma, and the like. I wear many hats but they're all set on the same brilliant head.

What's so brilliant about my head? Well, first, it appears to be the only one I have. So I treasure it. I keep my collection of thoughts in it. And I'm very busy, even with all my downtime, in running around with a butterfly net capturing new thoughts and adding them. That's why you have holes in your head, so your thoughts can get fresh air.

But getting back to alternative consciousness. I don't mean alternative in the sense of something foreign or different. I simply mean aspects of your consciousness that are already and always there but you're just not always aware of. And to tell the truth, I don't want to be always aware of them, because I want there to be many more surprises down the line. The thing about awareness is not to discover, conquer, and colonize anyway. Because all this stuff is very easily spooked, like Garrett Al that night the police showed up; you never saw anyone so innocent! Right, now zip up your pants and maybe they'll believe you! LOL!

I remember we loved this consciousness when we were kids, like when a flashbulb went off and we were running around trying to catch the spot in our eyes. Or when we were spinning till we got so dizzy we fell down. The sun and the sky are spinning around. You feel the lightness in your head. The blur of the trees is like a green smear. Other kids spinning around you have already fallen. A few of them can't stand it at all and one gets sick. And there's some very interesting consciousness when you get sick.

Today is the day to get dizzy! This is National Get Dizzy Day at the Slump half acre. I'm going to burn some of my hiatus time getting dizzy. I'm going to go out in the half acre and spin till I fall down!

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