Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tree Top Hiatus

The idea I had yesterday for a tree house theme was very exciting. I thought of it in depth through the morning, and then after a while the mania wore off and I was back to normal.

Those are interesting times, when you feel like you need a recorder to get down every detail, because it's wild. I was thinking, What is that primal tree? Yggdrasil? Something like that. That is one weird looking word, assuming that's close enough to the spelling. Looks like something Frank Zappa might name a kid.

What exactly Yggdrasil is I'm not sure. But something in my mind tells me it's like everything else in life, in mythology, just another way of representing what's inside us. That's always the short answer. Put that as the answer and you'll never be too far off.

So the great concept of yesterday, which hasn't carried over to today, to tell the truth (nothing's quite as expansive as yesterday, since it's all lightning in a bottle anyway, tough to capture at will), zeroed in on that. And it was just a tossed off idea.

Anyway, the idea became, as yesterday morning went on, that my hiatus would not formally end but would be transsimplified (or transimplicated) into or with the tree house theme. This would serve a couple very useful purposes. 1) That my hiatus would for all practical purposes end; 2) That I would not be psychologically injured when it was suddenly gone. Because I really am invested in it, even identified with it. If you see a forlorn guy on the square with a button that pleads, "Ask Me About My Hiatus," that's me. By this time next week it might say "Ask Me About My Tree."

Oh, what I could do with this! Only time will tell, but my mind is racing so far ahead I'm going to need bloodhounds to find it later. The only thing more cosmic than a tree is an egg, and of course I like both. If I'm up in a tree house, wow!

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