Friday, July 17, 2009

Resting In My Hiatus

Today is a day just to stretch out ... Ahhhh .... and rest ... and let the world go by, to take my hiatus, maybe feed and groom it, and be happy.

Wow, what a wild ride's it's been. I remember the day I said "I'm going on hiatus," I trembled a little with fear and felt a cold chill, not knowing if it'd be right and proper or good. But I pressed ahead anyway -- raising quite a stink at the beginning -- and I've been through a lot since then.

I'm smiling now as I look back on all of it. Of course at that time I was full of questions, wondering what would happen. Would I be happy? It's nice to go back and leaf through my many hiatus posts to remind myself of where I've been. Perhaps therein are clues for where I'm headed. There were some downer moments, to be sure, but for the most part ... I've been happy. I was very unhappy that the "friends" and "followers" of the blog abandoned me, but you know what they say in the blog business ... Good riddance.

I know I agonized quite a bit over it, and that wasn't always a happy thing. But now's not the time for regrets, just forget it. And think of the good times, there've been a few, like the great rest I've had, the ability to stretch back and let the world spin past me.

My hiatus itself is stretched out right here and seems to be in a mellow mood. His big blob body for the most part fills three rooms now, with his gut sucked in or stretched at doorways so we can still get around the house. He's of course a big breathing, seething mass, with some air vents that give off a sweet, cool breeze. In one room I've got some wet shirts and towels draped around being dried. And we're saving money on air conditioning.

As I sit here at the computer, I can feel his cool, clammy, gummy mass pressed up against my legs. It's kind of nice, like a security blanket. I'm not alone. I can reach my hand down and then reach out as far as I can stretch, and it's naked hiatus tissue all the way. The undulating, heaving motions are very comforting. But they're also a reminder to me, I need to refill his water dishes or he'll be hogging the toilet all day.

He needs several dishes, because just about anywhere you go it seems one of his mouths is nearby, or what appears to be mouths. I found this out when I had food on a tray, thinking his mouth was in the kitchen sucking in snacks. But right here I'd notice movement toward me, like he was asking for handouts. So I'd set a piece on his skin, or blubber, or whatever you want to call it -- it's like Silly Putty with a sheen -- and his mass would enfold the food and soon it'd disappear. It's a very lazy style of eating, just quietly sucking it through your skin.

I have to confess, there are times when I feel uncomfortable with such a weird thing stretched out all around the house. But we're getting by. Grandma's in bed half the time anyway, so it's not like we need the space. And she doesn't seem to mind the big jelly creature encroaching on her space, part of him crawled up on her bed. It gives her a cool place to rest her head or cushion her arms.

Right now I'm writing this about half the speed as normal. Because I'm typing in a very lazy mood, and using some of the time between phrases to rest grapes on his outer form. It's fun to watch them disappear. I'm going to try that myself -- hang on -- let me get my pants down -- OK -- I'm putting a grape on my leg -- so far it's just setting there doing nothing -- need to be patient -- concentrate on my leg -- open sesame! Nothing so far, no progress, nada -- What's this? A glob of my hiatus is slowly reaching over and touching it ... and there goes the grape, whether into him or me I don't know -- it looks like it went into him because I don't feel any fuller. And my leg isn't tasting anything. So I'll just pull up my pants again -- and eat a few grapes the old fashioned way, the only way I know how, in my mouth.

There's some good discoveries going on here. My leg's already plump enough, so it doesn't matter if it eats. But I won't be giving up. If the blob can do it, why can't I? He's a fascinating creature and I could learn so much. More's the pity that eventually I have to kill him.

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