Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hot And Heavy Industrial Works

The temperatures have been soaring recently. The mercury is straining with all its might to make it to the top of the thermometer. Everywhere you look, the sun is relentlessly beating down, making the summer a very hot one. Here's the weather report as the weatherman says it, "Folks, it's going to be another scorcher today! Whoa, Nellie!"

Stepping outside on a hot summer day, it's like an oven out there! Or a really cranked sauna! There's no relief in sight. Everyone's fanning themselves. It's so bad they're even selling iced coffee! We've got so much heat somehow we need to turn it around, if only we can And that's where the Residential Industrial Movement (RIM) can pick up the slack!

As far as I can tell, people are literally dying for lack of a good fan or air conditioner. And that's no laughing matter. We can make more! I'm calling on several of my brother industrialists to take this as your call to arms: Please make a ton more air conditioners right now, before the week is out! For those of you who aren't geared up for the full air conditioner, this is also your call to arms: Please make a ton more fans right now. Anything will help!

There's no problem making a fan, right? It's a crooked thing on a central thing and a motor to turn it 'round. You plug it in and it spins in circles. But in the spinning, depending on the the crookedness, it chops the air and separates the cold from the hot. And an air conditioner isn't much trickier. You have a basic unit in there that somehow cools the air, converting hot air to cold by a quick system of refrigeration. I know you guys can do it!

Back in the war, Grandpa used to tell me, companies that made something else quickly retooled and made plane parts, bomber wings, and even bombs themselves. They got the outer shell of a bomb -- someone was making those. Then they'd wheel in the bomb innards, always careful to arrange the various wires that would go to the TNT. More often than not, they were able to get the bombs on trucks which transported them to war zone, where, with some regularity they were used.

And as for the planes needed to drop them, a company might've been making luggage, but they'd quickly retool, and in about a week they were turning out top notch planes with a massive wingspan. That's why they started putting luggage compartments in planes back in those days, because they knew the war would soon be over and they could go back and sell more suitcases...

So we can retool too! We must, as long as this hot weather prevails. Summer is an enemy just as dangerous as Hitler, and, according to Grandma, he was an extremely evil person. He chewed BB's just to keep his teeth sharp! But that was then ... this is now ...

I know something the kids will enjoy, and something I'm calling on some of you RIM patriots to do. Popsicles! If you're geared up to make food items, how about retooling your plant really fast to make popsicles? With whatever you've got! If you're presently canning food, can some popsicles instead. No one's ever heard of canned popsicles, so you've just invented something! If you've got a bunch of sticks, manufacture traditional popsicles by the ton! No one will care they're not in cans. The ones I like are the ones in the little plastic tubes, where you just throw them in your freezer and cut out the middleman. Make some of those and bring me a few!

Heavy industry also suffers from the heat. Workers are overcome all the time by the stifling heat, meaning they would welcome the break if you had them making something cool like air conditioners, fans, or popsicles. So do it! You'll not only be helping your country, but you'll give your workers something to be thankful for!

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