Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vigor Against The Major Industrial Powers

If you want the vigor you have to put in the rigor. Or, you can't be vigorous 'til you're rigorous. Or, the more rigor the more vigor. Or, no rigor, no vigor. Plus, if you want to avoid rigor mortis have vigor more, sis. My gig is rig for the vig.

The rigors of life leads to the vigor of life. You're not an ignoramus, so live with vigor, Amos. Don't ignore rigor for more vigor. The victor has the vigor. A lack of victory starts with no rigor, see. I'd walk a thousand ri to have a little vi. The gor you pick is the gor you've got. More gor? Gor more.

I'm doing the physical and mental calisthenics. I'm up early, getting an early start, while the major industrialists are still sleeping off another busy night at the park. Every member of the Residential Industrial Movement, I believe, is with me. They're up and getting the lines going. You do it one day, it's an exception. You do it a week, it's a start. You do it forever, it's a habit. Rigor and vigor go togegor!

Exercise is the best huffing and puffing a man can do. Hitting a few laundry bags tied to the post. Putting down a ladder and stepping swiftly in the empty spots. A few chin-ups on the door. Pumping iron from the yard. Physical, mental acuity come 'round to you, see?

Thanks to the Hedgerow of Warring Angels making their recent appearance, we're up for a renewed thrust at living right. Putting in the rigor you need for vigor. The Angels have their side in this fight. The major industrial powers are on the ropes, a bloody pulp if not worse will be their fate.

This is the attitude the residentials have. That's why we constantly hear the cheers around the neighborhoods. That -- the cheers -- and the moments of silence, quick hushed prayers, recognizing the source of our power.

Then the whistle blows, and the vigor we have for our task is there. We're working hard! The vigor we have against the major industrial powers is a beautiful thing for one and all.

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