Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Thoughts On Recent Industrial Eruptions

The last few days I've had a lot to think about, with all the renewed troubles I've had with the major industrial powers.

To a certain extent, it was all quite predictable, but I guess I'm one of those guys who crosses his fingers and hopes for the best. Of course they were going to fight back, like any cornered rabid dog would. And you'd think they'd fight back with everything they've got, which I haven't seen yet.

There's two saving graces for me personally in all this: 1) That I'm quite innocent, but I can well imagine I'm not innocent from their point of view. But I have the kind of innocence that ought to insulate me, if it only will, which is the innocence of a childlike heart. Give me a lollipop and you wouldn't know the difference. And who would hit a kid? 2) The whole 'anti industrialists' campaign has dispersed, been diluted to the point where I'm personally barely noticeable. There's thousands of others who are in it, those making up the Residential Industrial Movement. A lot of these fish are bigger fish than I! (But, being bigger fish, that might open me up to greater scrutiny, since smaller fish are easier to take...)

Whether I've exactly taken advantage of my saving graces, the answer would have to be no. Regrettably. Because, look, I keep putting myself out there! I started as the philosophical father of the whole movement, and when that happens, you hate to be sidelined by all the bigger fish. I made a name for the whole movement through this blog and my efforts against the industrialists. It's tough to just back off for personal protection and accept being sidelined as the final verdict. I still have an ego! And certainly everyone would agree that it'd be tougher to pick up the banner after sitting out than it is to stay with it all along. So putting myself out there keeps me vulnerable to the industrialists' attention.

Having the saving graces is a nice feeling though, whether I'm a big fish or little fish. And I appear to have the option of dropping the blog at any point, along with my nosing around town, if the heat gets to be too much. So some of this, a lot of this, I appear to be bringing on myself for the sake of staying in the game.

The latest industrial eruptions have been among the tougher ones of my life. I'm not ashamed to say I was pretty much consumed by the issues surrounding the park down by the river. But in the last 24 hours that particular eruption seems to be subsided or broken. The fever is only moderately hanging on. My imagination was working overtime on that big hole that the guy told me about. And the fear I had from the SUVs was definitely real, since it couldn't've been a coincidence.

This report brings to a head many issues that are of keen importance to me, and, thankfully, to you, my faithful readers. Please, those who are sympathetic to my plight -- when plight indeed it is -- keep me in your thoughts ... and prayers. And we'll see this thing through together, always the best way to see things through!

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