Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Difference of Color

Note: The following is a poem from 1895, out of a newspaper. It seems like just a bit of the average sentimental doggerel usually seen from the time. But it takes a surprising, humorous turn!

A Difference of Color

I have gazed into the pupils
Of a pair of sweet blue eyes
And have seen therein reflected
Azure tints of smiling skies.

I have felt a glad emotion
When I gazed in eyes of gray,
And my callous heat has yielded
To the magic of their sway.

I have braved the sparkling fire
Of two flashing eyes of brown.
I have faced their scintillations
And the anger of their frown.

But the eyes that cause most sorrow
Are the black eyes which I bear
Since my darling's angry father
Kindly helped me down the stair.

—Milton Goldsmith in Detroit Free Press.

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