Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Funeral Songs

Speaking of Heaven, as I was last night, they send you there with songs at your funeral.

I had a friend who died. And one of the songs at his funeral was "Heaven," by Los Lonely Boys. OK, that ruined that song.

I was at a store a couple days ago and it was playing on the radio. So my mind has to go right back to my friend's funeral! Ack!

People need to stick to the normal, old-time funeral songs, "Beyond the Sunset," whatever the others are. Or pick really really obscure songs, like indie groups or local artists from other towns, or songs that we wouldn't miss if they were suddenly gone, like "My Band" by D12 or "Laffy Taffy" by D4L. (Hmm, both my examples, without premeditation, come from groups with a D and a numeral). OK, pick any song for your funeral that was recorded by a group that starts off with a single D followed by a number. Like on a jukebox, D-12, except Olivia Newton John says, "Please, mister, please, don't play B-17."

Actually, I wouldn't miss that song. Really, though, can you imagine "Girl, shake your laffy taffy" at a funeral?

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