Friday, May 16, 2008

Playing The Part

Playing the part of Grandma Slump is Mother Kendall, the only identification on the back of this photo.

We welcomed this photo to our home yesterday, finding it at an antique store. It was supposed to be $3.00 with a 10% discount. The lady at the counter said it'd be that much for any photo, be it small or big. But when we got to the counter with it, she said, it's 50 cents, plus tax. How that happened, we wondered about. But it's always nice to save money, especially on something like this that we were obviously willing to spend $2.70 on.

That I don't get. The lady knew we were willing to give her $2.70 for it. Why tell us it's 50 cents when we're right there with the money? The only reasonable answer to that question has to be: It's the magic of Grandma Slump! She did it from Heaven.

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