Monday, May 19, 2008

Our First Contradiction

At the beginning of this blog we said that Grandma Slump was probably in Heaven. But in our most recent posting we indicated she was politically involved and supported John McCain, and that she was present in some sense, yet not in charge, but had traded on her good name to get nursing home insurance from us.

Yes, there is a contradiction in there, which we ourselves will not be able to unravel. We might just do it like John McCain does. 1) He says it's appeasement to talk to our enemies and shouldn't be done; 2) He was for talking to our enemies a couple years ago, and didn't mention anything about appeasement then. His team comes out and explains it: clearly no contradiction.

So, as to this blog, wherever Grandma Slump may actually be: in Heaven; looking over my shoulder in spirit, or in body; in a nursing home; seated on the couch; in bed (as we said yesterday, which would then technically qualify as our first contradiction, and this one tonight would be the second, depending on how you count contradictions, i.e., as conglomerated episodes, or if each detail constitutes its own enumerating as a contradiction we will be losing track); or wherever.

Maybe a good way of understanding Grandma Slump is that sometimes she's in Heaven. Sometimes she's on Earth. Sometimes she's at the nursing home, etc., sometimes in bed, teeth out, snoring straight up at the ceiling, etc. She's like Chickenman, everywhere, wherever we need her to be.

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