Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cosmic Mind On Hiatus

I've come down, reluctantly, from the higher planes. Of course anytime you start messing around with the file cabinets and ways of heaven, someone gets the word and you're expelled.

It's a hard fall, but in my case it was made much easier by the fact that I completely expected it. That's the main thing, let's say if you're a fallen angel: Get a clue. Expect it that you're not going to prevail. Get tossed down and be happy. I know I am.

Of course someone up there's always looking. They're a paranoid bunch. But there's a lot for them to keep track of. That's when you slip back in and have another heyday. Just blend in as best as you can and enjoy it while it lasts. Then go willingly with a laugh and it's not so bad.

Dwelling on a higher plane, as I have been doing the last couple days, thanks to the time off this hiatus has given me, I've checked out some of the various mysteries, riddles, and conundrums of the cosmic mind at play. It's very wild.

Not that I'm personally immersed, mind you. I've gotten just the edge of a single molecule of one big toenail wet. Intuition says none of this can be snatched, and my normal way is that of an old lady at a rummage sale. But existence at those levels is like a wilting violet. It withdraws 100% of the time, receding some completely that it's not even worth talking about. Like I said, you get tossed out.

Fasting doesn't help. Nor any kind of asceticism. Eat all the pork you want. The thing is to be mindful, attentive, while living and enjoying your normal life. There's no essence that needs to be conserved to get you closer. It's in the files! I saw it!

The best way to live is on hiatus.

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